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Welcome to Trinity Kids!

Our mission is to guide children (birth - 5th grade) to learn, believe, accept and share Christ. We desire to bring children into age-appropriate worship that honors God; teaches the Gospel to help them know, love, grow and follow Jesus; develops them to show love to one another in service; and go share Christ to others.

We have a variety of ministry opportunities for your kids this week.


Sunday  //  9:00 -10:15 A.M.

Biblical learning through relational small group relational experience to help children learn how to apply the Bible to their everyday lives. 

  • Preschool (Rooms 102 and 103)

  • Grades 1-4 (Room 116)

Sunday  //  10:30 - 11:45 A.M.

Children will worship God and experience biblical teaching in an interactive, fun and safe environment. Teaches entire Bible in three years with relevant life applications. 

  • Preschool (Rooms 100, 102, and 103)

  • Grades 1-3 (Room 116)

  • Grades 4-5 (Room 115)



Sunday //  9:00 -11:45 A.M.

For little ones under two years old we provide a safe, loving environment where each child can feel happy, cared for, and valued by God and the church.

  • Birth-2 Years (Rooms 107)

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Help us to create a space for children and families with special needs to grow in maturity in Jesus Christ. Email Ronda Spaulding to get started.

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+ Where Should I Park?

To make the check-in process as smooth as possible, be sure to park in the South lot and enter through Door C (even if you plan on attending the 9 a.m. service).

+ Where Do I Check-In My Child?

Check-in occurs at the Trinity Kids Welcome Desk located on the lower level (straight ahead when you enter the building through Door C). You'll check-in using our secure Realm kiosk and a team member will make sure you and your child know where to go next.

+ Where Is My Child's Room?

You can find room details in the info sections above, but our team at the Trinity Kids Welcome Desk will show you where to drop-off and pick-up your child.

+ Will My Child Be Safe?

We take the highest precautions to ensure the safety of the kids in our ministry. All of our volunteers are background-checked and trained, and we have a dedicated Safety & Security team that serves on-site every Sunday. Each week, you will check-in your child using our secure, online portal Kid-Check.

In Trinity Kids, our mission is to bring all children to maturity in Jesus Christ by teaching them the gospel that helps them know, love, grow and follow Jesus, develops them to show love to one another in service, and then equips them to share the love and hope of Christ to others.
— Cyndi Leamon, Director of Ministry to Women & Children

Have More Questions?

Please feel free to reach out anytime with questions about our ministry. You can connect with Cyndi via email or by calling the church office (574-291-4741).


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