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Parenting is tough, but you’re not alone! Pastor Jeremy Bobos is a dad of three and has over two decades of experience working with teenagers and their parents. He’s got plenty of stories, insights, and tips about how to navigate the teen years in the midst of an ever-changing cultural landscape.

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Parenting in the Social Media Age

We are told in Matthew 10 that we are being sent out "like sheep among wolves," and so we are to go out into that world "as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves.” How do we equip our teens to do that in the world of social media that we are in?  

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Session 1 (Recorded Live February 17, 2019)
In this session, we’ll consider the age of social media, and a parent’s responsibility in it. We’ll look at specific social media issues facing teenagers today, and we’ll discuss how we ought to pursue the hearts of our children in the midst of it.


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Session 2 (Recorded Live February 24, 2019)

In the final session, we’ll discuss specific and practical ways we can engage our children and go after their hearts. We’ll also identify practical tools and resources to help parents protect and love their kids when it comes to social media and the Internet.